Just as the UN Charter states it, all humans are equal and have unalienable rights, just as well as women’s rights are human rights.


Empowering Women


We believe that the future is equal – with women being represented, treated and acknowledged and respected in every single sector of our government, workplace, and society!

Empowering Girls

Whenever the gender equality is concerned, we can probably all agree that it all starts with our youth – the girls. We believe that young girls all across the globe deserve a great education!

A Passionate Team


With almost one hundred managers working at our headquarters in Los Angeles and thousands of backers, partners and volunteers all across the US and the globe, we are a spirited team!

Solving the Challenges!


Whether we are talking about the income inequality and unequal pay, the lack of federal and state level representation of women for elected offices, on-campus sexual assaults!


Women's Rights Programs


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Mary Applebaum




A Juneau, Alaska native, Mrs. Applebaum has come a long way since her high school graduation all the way up to getting a Brown University Master’s degree in Economics. Talented with the digits, she’s no less successful when it comes to managing the human resources of the company. Ask anyone at our office who is their personal favorite manager…

Elisa Hansolo


Born in New York City, Elisa always felt a strong urge for being an ambitious overachiever. Eventually, by the age of 25 she already had received her first Wall Street executive position, making her one of the youngest managers in the company. With her overall work experience spanning over 2 decades, Mrs. Hansolo is definitely the kind of a senior manager we all…

Emily Bluesome




If you’d ask any of our workers, who is the executive manager that they’re always looking up and living up to, most likely Emily’s name will surface. Having a vast and thorough practical working experience lasting for more than 18 years, Mrs. Bluesome is an ideal manager, who is always on time to handle either our company’s clients or our internal team workflow issues…

Diane Beaton


If you’d ever need to figure out a workaround for a complicated business problem, look no further than Diane’s desk for getting a thorough and all-rounded advice… She has been working in the industry for more than 20 years, knowing all the ins and outs perfectly and teaching each member of our team. Regardless of which exact type of a task does she…



Educational Programs

As someone who was born way back in the 1940s and lived to work in the 1960’s, I thoroughly understand how important it is to support the female education and empower the options and opportunities that our young girls should have…


- Joanne Stevens


Equal Pay Program

Being a witness to how female managers get paid less than their male counterparts in the same department and holding the same positions, on a daily basis, raises my awareness about the equal pay issues. Thankfully, funds like this one do…


- Janette Henderson


Reproductive Rights

As someone who is old enough to remember the times before the Roe V. Wade and how incredibly exhausting it was for women back in the day to exercise their harshest reproductive choices and rights, raising awareness about this issue is really something that I…


- Mary Blanders

Upholding the Women's Rights Across the Globe


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